Savory Appetizers

Pupusa de Chicharron o Queso
Corn masa filled with pork, cheese or both
Tostadas (3)
Crispy corn tortilla with your choice of beans or salsa, topped with onions, cheese & parsleys
Pork sausage with mixed vegetables
Tacos (2)
Deep fried corn tortillas filled with shredded beef and vegetables
Ensalada Rusa
Potato salad with chicken, vegetables & mayonnaise
Chow Mein
Noodles with Vegetables and chicken
Pacaya vegetables fried in egg batter
Green beans fried in egg batter
Crispy corn tortilla topped with cold shredded beef, lettuce, beet salad, salsa, onions, parsley and a slice of egg
Chile Relleno
Pasilla chile stuffed with ground beef, vegetables and fried in egg batter
Chicharrones (Lb.)
Deep fried pork belly

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